A Pragmatic Approach To Profitability™

Yes, it’s we because Mary and I have joined forces to create Cause n’ Effect – a new
consulting firm committed to providing data-driven solutions for casino marketers. It’s that simple.

We bring decades of experience of improving financial results at properties of every size,
location and market. (Check out a few examples at www.causeneffect.com.)

How do we do it? We apply proven data analytics and years of casino marketing expertise to…

  • Provide a comprehensive audit of your entire marketing program to identify what’s going well and what can work better
  • Assess your key competitors to identify opportunities for you
  • Create a practical and reliable reinvestment strategy that will drive more revenue - and may save you money at the same time
  • Help hit property revenue and EBITDA goals – or exceed them
  • Increase club enrollments
  • Drive incremental trips of your higher-valued players